Water Sewer Business Administration Reorganization

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Atlas Design Services


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City of Jackson

200 S President St, Suite 523, Jackson, MS 39201


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Project Management


Process Optimization






The City of Jackson, MS Water Sewer Business Administration organization (WSBA) handles billing and collection related to water revenues for the COJ Public Works Department. Over the last few years, the city has taken steps to correct issues related to its water metering system and its technical stack and ultimately increase revenues from water related sales. As part of this process, the city is pursuing a restructure of the WSBA to achieve more effective and efficient operations. As part of this project. Tommy McClung assisted the city with the development of a stand-alone WSBA business unit based on industry best practices and similarly sized Meter to Cash municipal operations. The project scope will be delivered in two phases:

          1) Organizational Analysis & Design

          2) Organizational Change Management Plan Development

A SWOT analysis and gap analysis were developed that led to the development of an organization framework based on the Effective Utility Management (EUM) framework. EUM has a full utility perspective so there were four attributes focused on: Employee & Leadership development, Operational Optimization, Infrastructure Strategy & Performance (Metering System), and Financial Viability. Recommendations were also developed to align with the five keys of management success called out in the EUM. 

The workout included a new organizational structure considering appropriate span of control, job titles, and job descriptions based on industry standards and benchmarking from the American Water Works Associations, benchmarked KPIs, establishment of a quality management plan, and organizational alignments to performance.