San Antonio Water System (SAWS) AMI Feasibility Study

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Atlas Design Services


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San Antonio Water System

2800 US Hwy 281 N., San Antonio, TX 78212


Work Performed by Atlas:

Project Management 

Meter to Cash Process & Operations Review 

Business Case

San Antonio Water System wanted to explore the cost benefits of investing in AMI. The city owned electric company CPS had been on a Silver Springs Network for a number of years and the water utility was feeling pressure to move to AMI. SAWS wanted to demonstrate the feasibility of the investment by assessing the current state Meter to Cash operation and plan the future state. 

The project established an AMI strategy that accounted for program risks and successes. The work effort evaluated the cost benefits of a comprehensive program and included the change management required of all business processes. One of the aspects of the study was engaging CPS, the San Antonio Electric System. The CPS engagement was to assure full evaluation of the possibilities of a shared network and the cost-benefits associated. 

55 meetings and workshops were conducted over an 11 week period based on a phased approach of visioning current process, refining current state to future state, then finalizing the cost benefits with each business unit as well as the financial variables with the CFO.

Strategic objectives were developed, their success criteria identified, and the key risks associated with making SAWS smarter, stronger, and greener. The functional areas assessed were Data Management & System Integration, Smart Water Architecture, Distribution Planning & Asset Management, Security and Infrastructure, and Customer Experience and Conservation.