Austin Water’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program

Austin Water (AW) AMI program ultimately plans to replace 240,000 water meters with smart water meters throughout the service area, an $80+ million endeavor. Atlas is working directly with the assigned project management team and vendor to streamline the pilot program and permitting process, assess potential locations for data collection units, convey project information to outside entities, and troubleshoot any issues that arise in the field. Atlas also completed the initial field condition assessment (FCA) to identify existing conditions and determine level of metering readiness for an AMI implementation.

 In conducting the FCA, Atlas created a database and field assessment tool for a field condition survey. The randomly chosen sample population of meters assessed in the FCA included 1,969 small meters representing 1.01% of small meters and 84 large meters representing 3.5% of the large meters from 3” to 6” in size. Atlas then extrapolated data into usable information for the planning of pilot-scale and full-scale implementation. The FCA provided an exhaustive level of detail allowing AW to more accurately determine labor and material requirements for implementation of the pre-construction in more than 15 watersheds within the City of Austin. (March 2020 – Present)