US 183S Water and Wastewater Relocations

Atlas Design Services managed the packaging, scheduling, fast-track design and City permitting for eighteen miles of water and wastewater utility relocations, divided into twenty distinct construction and permitting packages. Working for the design-build contractor, Atlas managed the schedules for the City of Austin utility packages during design and initial construction of utilities and managed the phasing of connections minimizing service interruptions. Atlas also reviewed construction phase submittals for utility work and managed the constructability reviews. Atlas managed design, QA/QC, and site plan permitting including review of temporary traffic control plans and submittal to AULCC and ROWMAN for contractors TURP permits on the portions of work within City ROW and easements. Atlas coordinated with the assigned GEC for approvals in the TXDOT ROW. Atlas also designed 8″ and 24″ water lines within packages 14 and 20 located inside TXDOT ROW. Sponsor agencies included TxDOT, CTRMA, and the COA.